Monday, October 12, 2020

Purity 236

Purity 236 10/12/2020

Good morning,
Today’s photo comes from a friend who climbed the heights Rondaxe Fire Tower in top of Bald Mountain in Old Forge NY.
As we pull into a new week some are blessed with an extra day off, while others are off to work like any other Monday. On days like today people who have the day off often take advantage of the fact that others have to work and plan their day accordingly.
Just as the Rondaxe Fire Tower gives us a view that is far and wide, months ago I was looking ahead to this day and decided to use my holiday as an occasion to get a medical check up and scheduled a physical.
Of course what seemed like a good idea months ago, seems more like a burden and an obligation today!
However, I’m no spring chicken and after having friends recently diagnosed with cancer, I will dutifully fulfill my appointment because although I feel fine, what do I know?
Socrates said that the unexamined life is not worth living and I believe that is true. Periodically, we need to get a check up of how our life is going from an objective source who will tell us like it is!
Today my doctor will examine and take tests and make a recommendation for treatment. There is value in early detection of some disease so we should get regular medical check ups.
While our bodies are important, I would also stress the importance of doing a regular spiritual check up too. We may exercise our bodies but are we taking the same care to exercise our faith through a regular weekly or daily practice of communicating with God to make sure everything is okay in our spirit?
God is THE objective source of Truth and when approached He will certainly tell us like it is.
His advice may cause a conflict with how we are living our lives but we need to realize He is an expert and His advice is said with authority and love.
So as you go through life make sure to take care of your body but don’t be afraid to rise to new heights by taking a spiritual course of treatment from the One who made you, loves you, and has your best interests in mind when He tells you to make a change.
God bless you all!


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