Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Purity 255

Purity 255
Good morning,

Today photo comes from a friend’s recent hike near Culpepper Virginia.
I share this one because even though they were traversing a path through a forest, they took some time to look up.
Today is Election Day, I would encourage everyone to vote and respect one another and the results knowing that while elections are important, there are things that are more important.
Whoever “wins” will have some measure of control for four years, but honestly there has been little difference from one party to the next in my experience. I still have to live and work regardless of who is “in charge”.
Ultimately, I have recognized who really is in charge. Christ said not to fear those who could take your life but to fear the One who could take your life and consign you to hell. That’s God.
Jesus made statements like this to point to ultimate reality - the kingdom of God and where we go after this life. Whether you are el presidente or the humblest of servants we all are called and judged.
No one will stand on their own merits but God sent Jesus to save us through faith in Him. So choose Jesus as Lord and Savior. You will have assurance of salvation and if you follow Him you will have peace and joy for the rest of your days here and for all eternity as well.
And as for the election, be kind to one another and don’t freak out regardless of the results. As far as I can see, we will all have to go to work on Wednesday regardless of who wins.
But we can win everyday when we rise above it all by walking with God. He will lead you through even the darkest forest and give you peace every step along the way.
God bless you all!

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