Sunday, January 10, 2021

Purity 309: Encouragement for the Path of Christian Discipleship

Purity 309 01/10/2021 

Good morning!

Today’s photo comes from a friend in Columbia County who caught this photo of yesterday’s sunset, asking their friends if anyone else was seeing this spectacular sight. In response, several of their friends responded with photos of their point of view of the same sunset. 

This was a great example of how we can show each other the beauty that surrounds us and how we can encourage one another that we “see it” too.   

I don’t normally post on Sundays but my church’s fast hasn’t stopped so I will continue to offer encouragement daily until it does. 

Today, I continue to share Dr. Neil Anderson’s “Twenty “Cans” of Success”, to encourage my friends that are fasting as well as those who aren’t. 

6.  Why should I allow Satan control over my life when He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4)?


Our success comes from God, who is not Satan’s equal opposite but who is Satan’s superior. 


Satan is a created, limited angelic being who rebelled against God and was cast out of His kingdom and who now works to lead people to live independently of God. He is not all powerful, all knowing, or ever present. He is not the “king of hell” but will be confined to hell after Christ returns to rule and reign, creating a new heaven and a new earth where those who put their faith in Christ will live with Jesus for all eternity.


Christ defeated Satan at the cross and gives freedom to all those who put their faith in Him.


Then why does it feel like we are in a spiritual tug of war, with a devil on one should and an angel on the other?  Can Satan control me?


Satan and his associates work to deceive and tempt us continually using our fleshly desires against us to seek legitimate needs in illegitimate ways, sin.  

Satan’s weapons are deception, temptation, and accusation. He and his dark demonic forces are a spiritual reality.  They, being in opposition to God, work to destroy His creation: mankind.   Satan can only influence you if you believe his lies. 


Knowing only those who put their faith in Jesus will be saved, the enemy tempts and lies to mankind to make them believe anything but the truth.  


Lies like: All roads lead to heaven. All religions are the same. God doesn’t exist. God doesn’t care about how you live. All behavior is acceptable as long as you aren’t hurting anyone (but truly sin hurts the sinner and all those in their lives).


The enemy’s first goal is to keep people from believing the truth of the exclusivity of Christ to save and to reject Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  


The enemy’s second goal is to make Christians, the ones who got away, live a defeated life where they are bound to sin instead of living a life that demonstrates peace, love, joy, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, patience, and self-control.  When Christians are locked in sin or merely enamored with the world system of selfish gain and moral corruption, they fail to live out the Lord’s purpose for their life.


But the good news is that Christ has won the victory and has given His believers authority over the enemy.  Instead of believing the lies of the enemy, believers can choose to believe the truth of what God says about them in His word and live the victorious life that God has for them. 


Our faith walk needs to include recognizing the lies of the world system, that is under the sway of the enemy’s deception, rejecting them, and living out the truth of God’s word instead.  


The battle for our minds will continue but we can choose God’s truth and live a life of freedom and peace because Jesus has already won the victory for us.  We just have to believe the truth and live it out. 


One way to live it out is to go to church regularly.  Services at Rock Solid are at 10 am and I invite anyone local who doesn’t have a church to join us in worship.


If anyone can’t make it to church, you can catch the service at Rock Solid Church on YouTube at:


(There is More at the restricted blog). Follow me on Twitter, MeWe, or Parler for easy access.  Blog M T 4 Christ dot org – This is where the Facebook post ends.)

It being Sunday, I am going to give myself a rest from the second portion of the blog today. 

It is my prayer that all who see this have a wonderful day and to use part of it to worship the Lord in their own way.  

------------------------------more tomorrow--------------------------


God bless you all!

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