Sunday, January 24, 2021

Purity 323: Encouragement for the Path of Christian Discipleship

 Purity 323 01/24/2021

Good morning!

Today’s sunset photo on the Pacific comes from our friend in California’s recent excursion to Rodeo Beach.   They stayed until the sun dipped into the ocean and I’m glad they did.  

I share it because I thought it a fitting farewell shot as I don’t normally post on Sundays, and this will be the last time for the foreseeable future as my church’s corporate fast comes to an end today after our morning service.    

Today is also the last entry from Dr. Neil Anderson’s “Twenty “Cans” of Success”, as we began sharing it a day after the fast started and it has now also come to completion.

20. Why should I let the pressures of life bother me when I can take courage knowing that Jesus has overcome the world and its problems (John 16:33)? 

 Our success is built on knowing that Jesus has overcome the world and its problems.  

 When our faith is in Christ, the truth that He has overcome the world and will one day return to reclaim it should be a constant source of peace and hope upon which we can walk through the various circumstances of life with confidence. 

 Christ is a living reality in our lives that can be enjoyed everyday until He comes back or calls us home.  So draw near to Him and experience the peace of His presence.

 Sunday is the Christian’s “sabbath”, which means to rest.  I, for one, will do that in earnest as the fast has been a rewarding experience both physically and spiritually but after three weeks without food, I am going to thank the Lord for what He has provided and partake in some baby back ribs!  

 I encourage all who read this to praise and worship the Lord today at your church or in your own way. 

 To adhere to Covid-19 guidelines for safety after possible exposure, Rock Solid will be having a virtual service again this week.   You can join us for service online at 10am at

the Rock Solid Church YouTube channel at:

(There is More at the restricted blog. Follow me on Twitter or MeWe for easy access.  Blog M T 4 Christ dot org – This is where the Facebook post ends.)

It being Sunday, I am going to give myself a rest from the second portion of the blog today. 

It is my prayer that all who see this have a wonderful day and to use part of it to worship the Lord in their own way.  

------------------------------more tomorrow--------------------------


God bless you all!

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