Thursday, February 4, 2021

Message to Discipleship Class Podcast Students


 Message to Discipleship Class Podcast Students     02/04/2021

Podcast Student Information Podcast

 Hello. I appreciate your interest in attending our Christian Discipleship Class via the MT4Christ247 podcast.  

Our textbook is Dr. Neil Anderson’s Victory Over the Darkness.

Students are required to obtain their own copy of this text. You can find it at the Freedom in Christ Ministries website bookstore:,, or Amazon.

If financial hardships prevent you from obtaining the text, please let me know and we can try to fill the need.

In order to participate in the class, please email me, MT Clark, at to let me know who you are, and where I can email you a copy of class materials and the discussion/homework questions that we will use in the class. 

The pace of our study is deliberately slow so you can meditate upon and absorb the material being presented on a relational or experiential level. 

The podcast will be updated after each Thursday night lesson, either Thursday evening or sometime on Friday. 

Students are to read one chapter of Victory over the Darkness per week. For the first week you should read the introduction and Chapter 1.  For week 2, chapter 2 and so on, until we finish the text. 

I hope you enjoy the class and experience new levels of freedom in your relationship with Jesus Christ.  


MT Clark 

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