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Happy Thanksgiving 2022! - Walking With God - Purity 897

Happy Thanksgiving 2022! - Walking With God - Purity 897 

Purity 897 11/23/2022  Purity 897 Podcast

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Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving,

Today’s photo of Lake Ontario from the vantage point of the swing set on the shores of B. Forman Park in Williamson NY comes to us from yours truly as I was letting the Holy Spirit guide my path during my pilgrimage to Buffalo to serve as an altar counselor for the “An Evening with David Jerimiah” event at the Key Bank Center back on November 10th.  

This scene is just a reminder to me of just one of the many moments in 2022 that I had abundant joy and am deeply thankful for. 

Why? Because I was “walking and talking with the God”, of Course!  When you live a life of Christian Discipleship, when you walk in the Spirit, you are constantly in His Presence and the fruit of the Spirit, the Lord’s love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, patience and self-control, shape your character and define your experience.

So that is why I encourage all who see or hear this message to establish or rededicate your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and to make the daily decision to follow Him, by applying the wisdom of God’s Word, the Holy Bible, to the way you live your life, by choosing to “Walk with God”.

Because I don’t have to rush out the door to get to work this morning, and because it is Thanksgiving I have decided to “step outside of the box” of my normal message by producing it as a video via Zoom, with a power point presentation that I presented to the men that attended the Freedom in Christ Discipleship Course as our last meeting this past week, with a few alterations, including this text.  

So it is with a grateful heart and a sincere hope that all who see this have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving, I present this short teaching called: Walking with God!




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