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Showing Up and Seeing The Impossible Dream Come True - Purity 936

Showing Up and Seeing The Impossible Dream Come True -   Purity 936

Purity 936 01/09/2023  Purity 936 Podcast

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Good morning,

Today’s photo of the view from my driveway “down by The River” comes to us from yours truly as my arrival there yesterday seemed to be a divine appointment as the twilight time colors in the sky and reflected on the Schodack creek and Hudson River seemed to cry out to give God glory.  I’ve told the tale of God bringing me to 1788 State Route 9J many times and will gladly tell it to anyone who would want to listen but no matter where your relationship with God may be, with a view like this, you may have to allow for my enthusiastic declaration that “God brought ne to this place!”

River House, as my wife calls it, was something that I worked hard to get but as much as I was giving it my all by working two jobs from October of 2019 to September of 2020, before and during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, I know that God was moving in my life continuously during those times to help me to obtain, what to me seemed to me to be “the impossible dream”.   

Well, it’s Monday, and in spite of my electronic personal assistant being unplugged, causing me to over sleep and thus making me deviate a little from my normal morning practices,  I still made “first things first” by making the quick executive decision to skip my physical exercise and immediately jumped to my morning prayers where I let go of the frustration of running late and just gave “everyone and everything” to God in the practice of “benevolent detachment” – a form of prayer that the “One Minute Pause App” has been leading me through as I decided last week to give more space in my life to God by doing the app’s “30 Days to Resilient” program for morning and evening sessions of prayer and meditation and have used the individual sessions the app provides for “pauses” at work.   The app’s “Pauses” last 10 minutes and are perfectly sized for the 15 minute breaks I am allowed at work so I am using that time and time in the morning and evenings to draw closer to God and to receive His resilience in prayer.  

One of the things that Christians on the path of Christian Discipleship that leads to sanctification come to understand as we seek to surrender our lives to God is that, even though our participation in the process is necessary, God is the One who transforms us. God is the One who gives us wisdom. God is the One who makes our hearts of stone into hearts of flesh. God is the One who will prune us and guide us to maturity and the purpose that He has for us.  

Besides documenting God’s continuous work in my life, the reason I blog is to encourage other Christians to follow the Lord with the way they live their lives because I have discovered this truth of “impartation”. God imparts the Holy Spirit to all who put their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and when we live by faith God works in and through us to do what we would have thought to be “impossible things”.  

Now before you run over to the nearest mountain and try to literally pick it up and hurl it into the sea or skip down to the nearest mulberry tree and try to uproot it and toss that into the ocean, remember that Jesus taught in parables and  that the heavy “mountains” in and well established “mulberry trees” in our lives may represent the burdens we choose to carry or patterns of behavior or thinking that are deeply rooted in our lives that the Lord wants us to be free of.   

Instead of thinking of being free of our mountains and mulberry trees as being a process of having to “work hard” physically, although that may be required, we may have to “let go and let God” do work in us and allow Him to renew our minds to think His thoughts and to open our blind eyes to see His way.   Reading the Bible and “talking and LISTENING to God” in our spirit through prayer and meeting Him with an attitude of surrender and a willingness to do His will is the Christian Disciple’s stance and can be used by the Lord to direct us up and over, or possibly straight through those “mountains” and  “mulberry trees”.     

As I have stated in previous blogs, in our walk with the Lord, He will present us with opportunities, invitations, to walk by faith and it is up to us to decide whether or not we will walk into where He is leading us. 

Tonight and each day this week, my local church is partnering with 3 other churches in the area to come together to pray together. Our pastor and the other churches’ pastors are inviting their congregations to come together for unity and prayer.  So here’s an opportunity, and invitation, to see what the Lord may have for me.  The Lord may use these evenings of prayer to use me for His kingdom purposes, may want to “give me something” or may just want me to be one of the many Christians who will come together and encourage one another through their participation and presence.  I could meet new friends, other brothers and sisters from the body of Christ, who I don’t know yet.  I could be blessed by something I hear or see at these corporate prayer gatherings at one of these other churches.  Or I could just grow from the experience of these prayer sessions.   There’s no telling what I may “get” or “give” in these prayer sessions.  But I will never know them if I stay home.  

So I’m going! I’m going to step out in faith to receive what the Lord has for me or to give what I have to give. What that will be I don’t know, but even if nothing mighty and miraculous happens I know that going to these prayer meetings will bless me because I will be in the fellowship of the saints and coming to our heavenly Father to ask, seek, and listen for His will for our lives.   If you are local to the capital district I am sharing the link to this week’s “Pray Together prayer event. ( Consider it my invitation to you to “Come and See” what the Lord may do in this event.

In the wake of Christ’s crucifixion and death, the Apostles and other disciples met together for prayer and I’m sure that there probably wasn’t as many “followers” of Christ in attendance as there could have been. Surely, after Christ’s death some disciples were heartbroken  and discouraged and failed to “keep the faith” and walked away and decided to go back to their normal lives. So they weren’t present on the Day of Pentecost, they didn’t go to the prayer meeting.  And because they didn’t go they didn’t witness or receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  

God may have many things which He wants to impart to the faithful few that choose to follow Him. Some times our faith is just about showing up. So as someone who has dreamed the impossible dream and who has seen God do the impossible in my life, let me encourage you to keep showing up, to take those invitations, and to keep on walking and talking with God.  


Today’s Bible verse comes to us from “The NLT Bible Promise Book for Men”.

This morning’s meditation verses are:

James 4:4-6 (NLT2)
4  You adulterers! Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God? I say it again: If you want to be a friend of the world, you make yourself an enemy of God.
5  What do you think the Scriptures mean when they say that the spirit God has placed within us is filled with envy?
6  But he gives us even more grace to stand against such evil desires. As the Scriptures say, “God opposes the proud but favors the humble.”

Today’s verses remind us that giving our allegiance to worldly things makes us an enemy of God and that God calls us to resist Worldly – He says evil – desires and to humbly follow Him.  

God is jealous for us. He loves us and wants our hearts to follow Him, not the world. He asks that we see the truth of His sovereignty and to reject any feelings of pride and to humbly acknowledge His preeminence in all things.   Thus we out our thoughts on God and things above not earthly things because He is the One who is eternal and has given us literally everything.


As always, I invite all to go to where I always share insights from prominent Christian theologians and counselors to assist my brothers and sisters in Christ with their walk.

Today we continue sharing from A.W. Pink’s “The Sovereignty of God”

As always, I share this information for educational purposes and encourage all to purchase Bonhoeffer’s books for your own private study and to support his work.  This resource is available on many websites for less than $20.00.





“The Lord hath prepared His Throne in the heavens; and His Kingdom ruleth over all” (Psa. 103:19).

First, a word concerning the need for God to govern the material world. Suppose the opposite for a moment. For the sake of argument, let us say that God created the world, designed and fixed certain laws (which men term “the laws of Nature”), and that He then withdrew, leaving the world to its fortune and the out-working of these laws. In such a case, we should have a world over which there was no intelligent, presiding Governor, a world controlled by nothing more than impersonal laws—a concept worthy of gross Materialism and blank Atheism. But, I say, suppose it for a moment; and in the light of such a supposition weigh well the following question: What guaranty have we that some day ere long the world will not be destroyed? A very superficial observation of ‘the laws of Nature’ reveals the fact that they are not uniform in their working. The proof of this is seen in the fact that no two seasons are alike. If then Nature’s laws are irregular in their operations, what guaranty have we against some dreadful catastrophe striking our earth? “The wind bloweth where it listeth” (pleaseth), which means that man can neither harness nor hinder it. Sometimes the wind blows with great fury, and it might be that it should suddenly gather in volume and velocity until it became a hurricane earth-wide in its range. If there is nothing more than the laws of Nature regulating the wind, then, perhaps tomorrow, there may come a terrific tornado and sweep everything from the surface of the earth! What assurance have we against such a calamity? Again; of late years we have heard and read much about clouds bursting and flooding whole districts, working fearful havoc in the destruction of both property and life. Man is helpless before them, for science can devise no means to prevent clouds bursting. Then how do we know that these bursting-clouds will not be multiplied indefinitely and the whole earth be deluged by their downpour? This would be nothing new: why should not the Flood of Noah’s day be repeated? And what of earthquakes? Every few years some island or some great city is swept out of existence by one of them—and what can man do? Where is the guaranty that ere long a mammoth earthquake will not destroy the whole world. Science tells us of great subterranean fires burning beneath the comparatively thin crust of our earth. How do we know but what these fires will not suddenly burst forth and consume our entire globe? Surely every reader now sees the point we are seeking to make: Deny that God is governing matter, deny that He is “upholding all things by the word of His power” (Heb. 1:3), and all sense of security is gone!

Let us pursue a similar course of reasoning in connection with the human race. Is God governing this world of ours? Is He shaping the destinies of nations, controlling the course of empires, determining the limits of dynasties? Has He prescribed the limits of evil-doers, saying, Thus far shalt thou go and no further? Let us suppose the opposite for a moment. Let us assume that God has delivered over the helm into the hand of His creatures and see where such a supposition leads us. For the sake of argument we will say that every man enters this world endowed with a will that is absolutely free, and that it is impossible to compel or even coerce him without destroying his freedom. Let us say that every man possesses a knowledge of right and wrong, that he has the power to choose between them, and that he is left entirely free to make his own choice and go his own way. Then what? Then it follows that man is sovereign, for he does as he pleases and is the architect of his own fortune. But in such a case we can have no assurance that ere long every man will reject the good and choose the evil. In such a case we have no guaranty against the entire human race committing moral suicide. Let all Divine restraints be removed and man be left absolutely free, and all ethical distinctions would immediately disappear, the spirit of barbarism would prevail universally, and pandemonium would reign supreme. Why not? If one nation deposes its rulers and repudiates its constitution, what is there to prevent all nations from doing the same? If little more than a century ago the streets of Paris ran with the blood of rioters, what assurance have we that before the present century closes every city throughout the world will not witness a similar sight? What is there to hinder earthwide lawlessness and universal anarchy? Thus we have sought to show the need, the imperative need, for God to occupy the Throne, take the government upon His shoulder, and control the activities and destinies of His creatures.

But has the man of faith any difficulty in perceiving the government of God over this world? Does not the anointed eye discern, even amid much seeming confusion and chaos, the hand of the Most High controlling and shaping the affairs of men, even in the common concerns of every day life? Take for example farmers and their crops. Suppose God left them to themselves: what would then prevent them, one and all, from grassing their arable lands and devoting themselves exclusively to rearing of cattle and dairying? In such a case there would be a world-famine of wheat and corn! Take the work of the post office. Suppose that everybody decided to write letters on Mondays only, could the authorities cope with the mail on Tuesdays? and how would they occupy their time the balance of the week? So again with storekeepers. What would happen if every housewife did her shopping on Wednesday, and stayed at home the rest of the week? But instead of such things happening, farmers in different countries both raise sufficient cattle and grow enough grain of various kinds to supply the almost incalculable needs of the human race; the mails are almost evenly distributed over the six days of the week; and some women shop on Monday, some on Tuesday, and so on. Do not these things clearly evidence the overruling and controlling hand of God!

Having shown, in brief, the imperative need for God to reign over our world, let us now observe still further the fact that God does rule, actually rule, and that His government extends to and is exercised over all things and all creatures.[1]

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[1] Arthur W. Pink, The Sovereignty of God (Swengel, PA: Bible Truth Depot, 1949), 39–41.

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