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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Community Freedom Ministry

 With a new year, we have a new vision and mission for Celebrate Freedom,  I just updated Celebrate Freedom's blog to announce the changes, check it out at:

Our program has always been Christ centered and since taking the lead of the ministry last spring, I have increasingly stressed that the prescription for recovery and for transformed living that I was presenting as "the disciple's path", a Christian lifestyle of walking in the Spirit that consisted of embracing one's identity in Christ and applying it to all aspects of one's life.  

While I was teaching primarily from John Baker's Celebrate Recovery Step Study, I increasingly added material to my presentations that included concepts from Dr. Neil Anderson's work.  Going forward I will discontinue the use of Celebrate Recovery as we transition to serve a wider spectrum as a discipleship ministry.

After completing my Master's Thesis in Christian Counseling on October 30th, I enrolled in Dr. Anderson's Freedom In Christ Ministry's CFM University to receive education and training to become a Community Freedom Ministry Associate, someone trained to develop and lead a Community Freedom Ministry.   

A Community Freedom Ministry (CFM) is started by an individual, couple or group of individuals who desire to create a “freedom presence” in their home church or hometown.  

This “freedom presence” is an environment of grace and truth, under church authority where three things typically occur.  

First, there is teaching of the message of freedom, as explained in the best-selling books by Dr. Neil Andeson, Victory Over the Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.  

Second, the CFM is involved in taking people through the helpful, transferrable ministry tool, The Steps to Freedom in Christ.  

And third, the CFM provides training for individuals desiring to become better equipped at helping people discover spiritual freedom through using The Steps to Freedom in Christ.

Being very familiar with Dr. Anderson's work and having personally completed The Steps to Freedom in Christ , I know the legitimacy of his teachings and the power of his discipleship counseling method to resolve personal and spiritual conflicts.   

So, it is my intention to widen the spectrum of Celebrate Freedom to teach the foundations of discipleship and discipleship counseling to foster an environment in which participants can not only develop a greater maturity in their faith and experience a lifestyle of freedom but also learn to minister to others.   

I'm excited for this new opportunity and ask for your continued support, participation and prayers for its success.