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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Purity 239

Purity 239 10/15/2020 

 Good morning!

Today’s photo comes from a friend’s recent horseback riding expedition and it displays the beauty of some of our local terrain at an undisclosed location in Columbia County, NY.
I share it because the idea of horseback riding reminds me of some of the advantages we enjoy when we stop doing things on our own and cooperate with God on our journey through life. Like using a horse’s strength to traverse terrain, God can
1. Give us a higher perspective of life
2. Provide us with power to go further than we could go on our own
3. Take us to new places we may have never experienced solo
4. Provide us with comfort and company on our ride through life.
God is omnipresent. That means He is with us where ever we go and we can reach out and grab a hold of his love and strength at anytime to help us through life’s journey.
I pray that you begin or continue to make your life a spiritual practice by continuously bringing the presence of the Lord into your life by talking to Him as you go through your day, thanking Him for the beauty you see and leaning on Him to get you through the rest.
It’s Thursday and I invite all that see this to join me at The Celebrate Freedom Meeting at Rock Solid Church tonight where you can join other believers in the journey to allow our relationship with God to take away our problems through His vision, His truth, His guidance, His strength, and His love.
If you aren’t local, connect with a local church or just seek God through His word until He guides you to where you should go.
God bless you all!