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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Martin Luther says Happy Halloween? Nailed it!: Purity 253

Purity 253 10/31/2020 
Good morning!!

Today’s photo comes from a friend on the Florida coast and this sunrise from a few weeks ago is screaming new beginnings!
First, Happy Halloween! Be safe but have a blast!
Second, for those who don’t know, every Halloween is also Reformation Day! On this day in 1517, Martin Luther nailed His 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg. After centuries of the Catholic church had fallen into compromise and was literally was selling tickets to heaven. Luther translated the original Greek texts of the Bible to discover that what had been translated in the Latin to read “penance” was actually supposed to read “repentance”.
The implications were that man didn’t have to pay for his salvation with good works, man just had to “turn to” God.
Christ had paid it all and all man had to do to be saved was place their faith in Him to be forgiven of ALL of their sins and to be given eternal life.
Luther’s work rescued the gospel of salvation of grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone, for His Glory alone!
Unfortunately, even 523 years later, people still live in darkness, thinking they have to earn their way into God’s kingdom. It’s a lie.
Put your faith in Christ and all is forgiven. “Turn to” Him and experience the joy and peace that comes from receiving eternal life that starts now!
Third, after 5 months and 207 pages later, I have finished and submitted my Master’s thesis for my degree in Christian Counseling! It is Finished!!!
So, now what? I don’t know!!! But....
I will Rejoice! I will Rejoice! And Be Glad!
God bless you all!