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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Are These Dreams Prophetic or Demonic? – Trump Apocalypse

 Are These Dreams Prophetic or Demonic? – Trump Apocalypse  

Are these Dreams Prophetic of Demonic? - Podcast

Special Edition 07/11/2021

Good morning,  

As I have reported and indicated in the past I have had a mixed bag of results in terms of having dreams that were meaningful in content.   I mostly have reported or indicated my negative experiences with dreams. 

I have had nightmares that seemed to be influenced by the demonic forces of darkness. I would classify the nightmares I had as demonic based on Dr. Neil Anderson’s definition in The Bondage Breaker which says “…when someone has grotesque nightmares with images not previously seen or heard, then I would suspect that the origin of the dream is demonic[1]

Based on Anderson’s definition, I recently had a demonic dream in which a large demonic humanoid beast in medieval dress came storming into a room I was in and started hacking people to death with a large sword. It was terrifying and jolted me awake but as I have had other nightmares in the past the fear dissipated quickly as I cursed the enemy upon waking and even gave him some credit for sieging the opportunity to torment me. 

I normally sleep with worship music, or a Christian audiobook playing in the background and say a prayer for good sleep and God’s protection. These measures have been effective at keeping the enemy at bay. But in this instance I had awoken briefly turned off my alarm and audiobook and decided to get another hour’s sleep without these protective measures and the enemy came storming in like a bat out of hell.  

While Anderson indicates that when the content of our dreams relates to the people we know, things we have seen, or places we have been to are probably not demonically influenced, I have also had dreams in the past that have started with familiar places and characters in my life and as they progressed the dreams took a sinister turn as the people in my dreams would change in their demeanor, and or appearance, becoming grotesque, violent, or  threatening. 

An example of one of these dreams involved a woman I knew in my past that caused me to be sexually tempted initially but as I drew away from her in the dream, she became malevolent in attitude and what was alluring suddenly was revealed to be putrid and rotting flesh.   While I had my difficulties with this particular person in the past, she wasn’t that bad, brother.  I awoke disturbed by the enemy’s temptation and deception and frankly a little relieved that the person in the dream was no longer part of my life. 

I know, wow, MT have you ever had any good dreams?

Of course, in fact, in my past I have also had some instances of dreams with prophetic undertones. While the dream’s content had common place situations they were revealed to be quasi-prophetic when the situations that I experienced in the dream seemed to manifest and come to pass in the real world after the fact.   

I had a few dreams like this but the one that is most memorable one involved myself talking to my pastor and my friend, Garret, about going on the next mission trip. I was asking if our church would be going to India again to work with Bishop Sudheer Mohanty for his Christian Life Centre Ministries as our church hadn’t been to India for a couple of years.  

The next day I was serving at our church as the audiovisual tech for our midweek service and was telling Garret about my dream and my hopes to go to India on a future mission trip as he had been there before.  As I was talking to Garret, our pastor came up to us and informed me that we had a guest speaker for the evening.  When I asked who the guest speaker was.  He told us that the speaker was Sudheer Mohanty!  

I had no previous knowledge that Mohanty was coming, and I told my pastor that I had just had a dream that involved him the previous evening.  While our church wasn’t planning a mission trip to India, Mohanty had come to us.  Mohanty’s message was encouraging but I was more encouraged by the prophetic possibilities of the content of my dreams to reveal or hint at future events.  

Like I said I had other dreams around that time that did the same things, but their memories have faded from my mind over time and have been lost considering my negative experiences of dreams that didn’t come true.   

I have shared about how during and after my marriage ended, that I became infatuated with a woman in our church and envisioned a future with her as my faithful Christian wife.  My obsession was fueled by my desires to live for the Lord, by her attractiveness as a Christian mate, and by several dreams I had that included our courtship, wedding, and serving the Lord together.  

Because of my few quasi-prophetic dream experiences, I believed that all the dreams involving my “dream lover” were messages from the Lord telling me that I was to be married to this woman and that we would serve the Lord in ministry as husband and wife.  

As much as I was convinced that our destinies were tied together, I had a lot of doubt as well. There is a significant age difference between us and while our interactions have been positive they were few and far apart because of the natural separation that exists with people from different age groups.  Add to my doubts the trauma of a somewhat nasty divorce and the facts of my middle age status and its not hard to diagnose my obsession and dreams as the product of a mid-life crisis.  

So as much as I hoped for my dreams to come true, I was perplexed as how I could bridge the gap between friendly acquaintances and courtship.   I honestly talked myself out of any attempts to approach this woman several times but earlier this year I was hit by an impulse to make an overt gesture to indicate my interest on Valentine’s Day, of all days.   My message didn’t reveal the depths of my fondness or hopes, although I guess the cat’s out of the bag now, but while she thanked me for my sentiments she made it clear that she had no interest in a romantic future together.  

I was equally hurt and relieved by the rejection.  I was relieved that I could let the obsession go and I was hurt that the visions of her as my Christian spouse went up in smoke.    I was also hurt and devasted that my supposed prophetic dreams proved to be nothing more than my desires being played out on the sleep canvas of my mind.  

The consequences of this disappointment caused me to become totally disillusioned at the idea of prophetic dreams and my previous experiences of prophetic shadows from other dreams were quickly forgotten, and now hard to recall, because what I thought was the Lord’s leading my destiny turned out to be nothing.

I say that but in total transparency I must admit that I still must stand on the truth of my dream lover’s rejection because my obsessive heart, or the enemy, likes to chime in on occasion that my dreams will come true, just not yet.  Having hopes for certain outcomes can be damaging when the facts of reality assure us that they will not happen. So when I am tempted to hope beyond hope for a relationship that seems likely to never occur, I agree to be open to the possibility of a future fulfillment but firmly take the position that it will never come to pass for my own sanity.      

Now that I have set the stage with my past experiences of dreams being quasi-prophetic, false prophecies, and demonically influenced, the reason I decided to share all this is because I had a whopper of a nightmare dream that promised future devastation for the world at large that involved the former President Donald Trump. 

To set the stage for my political beliefs, I was formerly a registered Democrat with a very liberal attitude on most issues before coming to Christ.  Since being born again and understanding the spiritual implications of moral issues, I have had an almost complete 180 on my political opinions. However, I am now registered as Independent as I have some misgivings about some of the Republican party representatives and quite frankly, Trump himself. 

As for Trump,  I acknowledge and appreciate the positive things He did for our country and religious freedoms as president and am sharing a link that highlights them ( ) but I also have doubts and misgivings about Trump as a person and particularly about him as a “Christian”. The Lord knows the truth and I leave it to Him to deal with Donald.

As for following politics and the news in general, I don’t. My lifestyle as someone on the path of Christian Discipleship has me more focused on the things of God more than the things of this world.   Politics are not anything on my radar.  So to have dreams with any political undertones is not normal.         

Anyway, in a dream I had early this morning, I had visions of an apocalyptic landscape of fire and destruction and out of the rubble a masked figure approached me out of the smoke.   The masked figure was Donald Trump! And He approached me and others on the street to make a prophetic speech of doom.  

He addressed the crowd to tell us that we had been attacked with a nuclear device and that he had actually been killed by the blast but that he had put in automatic measures to unleash an armed response on our enemies that would result in the end of the world, stating that part of it involved dropping our own nukes on the sight of the former World Trade Center, as our country had enemies both foreign and domestic.

Trump stated that he was making this announcement as a final warning to the citizens of the world so that they could make themselves right with the Lord before the lethal response was unleashed.  The Trump -like figure also made an offhanded comment that he was personally pleased to get some personal payback on his enemies.  

I awoke from it feeling a little freaked out and cursing the enemy for this latest nightmare.     

As Dr. Neil Anderson’s definition of a demonic dream seems to apply to this situation, and my prophetic dream record of the past is far from perfect, I would say that this dream is more of the enemy’s imagination than that of a divine prophetic warning for the future.

With that said, as a precautionary measure maybe we should look for new candidates in next presidential election.

Also I would encourage every Christian to be diligent in sharing the gospel because, although I don’t believe the end of the world will come in the form of a nuclear apocalypse, I do know that Christ’s return will be like a thief in the night and that we need to be used by the Lord to share the good news of Jesus Christ to bring others into the safety of His kingdom.  

What dreams may come? I’m not sure but the word of God tells us that Christ will come and that when He does there will be hell to pay for those who reject Him.   Placing our faith in Christ gives a new and eternal life that is protected from God’s wrath. Avoid the nightmare of life with God, by placing your faith in Jesus and working to expand God’s kingdom.  

[1] Anderson, N. T. (2019). The bondage breaker®. Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers.