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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Christian Vision Bible College & Seminary Testimony


I was asked by my good friend Dr. Christopher Romano, president of Vison Christian Bible College & Seminary to say a few words regarding my experience as a student of my alma mater and although it took me  longer than it should have I managed to finally record my testimony and put it on my podcast so he could share it to encourage others to seek a Biblical education.  

Here is the link to that testimony:  Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary Testimony

 and the text from which it was produced.  


 Vision Christian Bible College and Seminar Testimony


Hello this is M T Clark from the mt4christ247 podcast and speaking about my experience as a student of Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary and why I would recommend it to those considering enrolling in a Bible College, whether it’s at a satellite campus at your local church or if you are looking to enroll as an online student.  

As someone who was somewhat ignorant of the doctrines of Christianity and who desperately wanted to live out my newfound Christian faith authentically, I needed a Bible College that would teach me about the Bible, but I also needed a program of study that focused on the application of that Biblical wisdom to my life in a real and dynamic way.

My instructors at Vision Christian Bible College were right there in the trenches with me so to speak teaching me the truth of God’s word but also addressing all my questions, objections, and doubts and showing me how the truth of the Bible applied to me personally. Their encouragement and instruction equipped me to successfully graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and  inspired me to earn my Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling but it also assisted me to live out my faith in everyday life and equipped me for ministry. 

What I learned has encouraged me to serve the kingdom of the Lord in foreign and domestic missions, jail ministry, recovery ministry, and now as a Community Freedom Ministry Associate for Freedom in Christ Ministries.

My education at Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary was the gift that keeps on giving because the training I received has empowered me to boldly do things I never imagined doing and all for the kingdom of God.  

So whether its on campus or online, I did both, sign up today.  Whether your purpose for study is just to get to know God more, to be equipped for ministry, or to be empowered to live a victorious Christian life, the instructors at Vision Christian Bible College and Seminary will instruct and equip you to not only clarify your vision for what your purpose in Christ is, they will give you the education and tools to realize it.   

As their website says:

Whether you are called to a pulpit or a profession, a congregation or a career,

Vision Christian Bible College & Seminary is here to equip you to make a difference.